April: Update on Upcoming Books

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I have a total of five potential novels. Some are series and others are not. Some have up to 55,000 words written while others barely pass 300. This is because each story's idea began at different times of my life.

Cyborg Story

The book that I have decided to release first is my cyborg book. It is currently untitled. I am great at naming characters but terrible at namingbooks. This book's synopsis and characters will be further discussed in another post as the release date gets confirmed.

Novelette with a Little Girl and Father

A novelette will also be coming soon replacing the one I released earlier this year. It will contain two stories directly tied to one another and from the perspective of a little girl and her father. The two are separated with each story capturing the events of their lives that are happening at the same time on Earth. No magic, no science this story is simply a drama at most a suspense-thriller. It took me awhile to get this one together as I am not very fond of writing from the perspective of young adults or children. And the girl in this story is less than ten. The synopsis for this story will be coming soon as well.


Then there's Kine. I published an extended edition of Kine online as some people requested more of the story. Hearing that the story could be great if it was turned into a novel, I have been trying it out... and it works. I had to modify the serial a bit from the last edition that was published but the story does go into much further depth than either of the last two short stories have. It will be published in a serial of four novellas with each novella taking place on a different day. So far the whole series takes place over four days. It's pretty intense.

For some background, "Kine" takes place in the not too distant future (not near because the robots are really advanced). They exist to serve man's needs. From babysitting to performing surgeries. Kine is one that helps in a hospital and he has been doing this for the last 85 years. One of the first generations. As one of the first, his hardware is not as limiting as the generations that followed. Now, whether his design was intentional or not is for the reader to find out. But the premise is that his ability to learn more than other robots gets in the way of him continuing to do his job. The short story happens on Day 3 of the series. So there is a lot of backstory and events leading up to it that story.

Out of the three that I just mentioned, Kine is the most outlined. I want to publish this before the story of the little girl and her father but I am questioning whether to release two robot/cyborg stories back to back. If I get enough support though, I'll do it anyways!

Those are the three that are definitely coming out soon. Now there's another series about a mage and an assassin, science-fantasy. A mutant girl who travels back in time, science-fantasy. A zombie apocalypse (science) and the last about a fairy, fantasy.

I want to release a balanced mix as all those mentioned, except for the zombie apocalypse are series. The zombie one is connected to another story, but it can stand alone. The thing to figure out is as one series is being started another one is running. So it's another thing to figure out how far apart to space them.

Which stories sound more interesting to you? Let me know in the comments below and I will take your thoughts into consideration as I decide on my next releases.