Update on Blog

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After having my website up for a year now, I have received a number of recommendations and tips from readers, friends, and family. With some requests and recommendations being more achievable at the current time, I am starting some new and permanent changes to my blog and website.

A couple months ago I previously I wrote that I was going to discuss Android apps and phone blurbs on my blog. However, now that I no longer have an Android, I find doing the first one impossible making the second one no longer relevant. Also, in support of not trying to participate in the overflow of electronics in the landfill, I would rather encourage people to keep and use their old devices than simply tossing them away for the newest gadget. As I have experienced, the next best thing may not be the best thing.

I will continue doing movie reviews and movie lists because I still find that relevant to the theme of my website. Like the movie Life is coming out on March 24th and I will definitely be talking about how much I liked or disliked Ryan Reynolds’ attempt to be in a serious sci-fi movie.

I might not do book lists very often since I don’t have a lot of time to read. But I will push some out occasionally that are related to some current event or fantasy/sci-fi.

And I will be doing short blog posts like this so I can keep everyone updated as well as producing more short works of fiction. I need to create an accountability system and I have found some people to help me with this when my own internal motivation is not enough.

I am going to get around to reviewing the movies in a previous post over the following weeks. A collection of flash fiction stories, two short stories and possible the beginning of the fantasy novel I have been promising since December are all on their way!

Let me know what you think about the new website, logo, and stories you see over the next couple weeks. Always love hearing feedback.