Monthly Short Story Subscription

Not every story needs to be written into a novel. For every fifty ideas I have, only one deserves to be a novel. While only ten can be properly written as short stories. These are those stories.

While I am writing my serial novels, I am also writing short stories. Some of these stories I think should be shared and others belong only on my hard drive. For those stories that can be shared with the public, I wish to offer them in a series of emails at a discount for those who want them.

The stories you receive from this subscription are coming to you first. One of them every three months will be published on my website, but the rest are only for those who subscribe.

Get your friends to join and more stories will be written and published in an email to you. More details below:

How it works

- 30-day trial period

- $15 per subscriber / per Year

- Get others to subscribe = more stories for everyone
- Every 20 subscribers = 1 additional story per month
- Each story is between 200 and 2500 words long
- Ideally a one minute to six minute read
- Comes to your email as simple text
- You can cancel anytime*

*Annual subscriptions will be prorated when refund request submitted

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